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Underground Utilities

Cities in New Jersey depend on utilities such as electric power, water lines, sewer systems and telecommunications networks to deliver an excellent quality of life for residents. At Underground Utilities Corporation, we use our 25 years of industry expertise and heavy-duty machinery to provide the best underground utility services in NJ:

  • Start-to-finish construction of underground utilities systems
  • Total site excavation, earthmoving and preparation
  • Pour-in-place and pre-formed utility construction
  • Relocation services for existing underground utilities
  • Installation of water mains, trunk lines, gas lines, wastewater drainage, telecom networks and electric power systems
  • Extensive experience with pressure and force mains and gravity mains of all sizes

With over 75 dedicated employees and state-of-the-art excavators, bulldozers, loaders and other equipment, we can handle projects of any scale. Contact us for high-quality, on-time completion of public and private projects, including underground utilities construction for new roads, housing developments, shopping malls and factories.